Crash Course to Homeschooling

Empowering YOU to homeschool

Our online course is a complete guide to homeschooling. In it, we have uniquely curated over 50 videos that will help you find a homeschooling style that fulfills your requirements. That’s not all, the online homeschool program will also allow you to connect with 7 experienced speakers in a private Q&A session. They will listen to your queries and provide solutions in real-time. So sign up for our Crash Course today and get yourself acquainted with the true beauty of homeschooling.

New to homeschooling? Looking for more guidance?

7 veteran homeschool moms will share with you their tried and true experiences so you are equipped with the tools to homeschool and love doing it

Deciding to homeschool because of COVID-19 pandemic, dissatisfaction over traditional schools, or any other reason is one thing but keeping up with the challenges it brings is a separate story. However, most of the problems occur due to a lack of awareness about the HOW-TOs of homeschooling. The limited understanding keeps the parents and the children from reaping the true benefits of homeschooling. We acknowledge these challenges and aim to provide a solution that will not only aid in making the homeschooling experience stress free but also empower you to choose the homeschooling style according to your needs. It’s one of the best online homeschool programs of 2020 and was created under the guidance of experienced homeschoolers from around the world.

Meet the 7 Mentors

Over 40+ Years of combined homeschool experience from early childhood to college graduates

Hana Khatib

Waldorf inspired homeschooler of over 20+ years

Hana is a homeschooling parent of four children. Two of whom are grown. She has been cultivating a rich learning environment that inspires, nurtures and empowers her students since 2003. This may be the secret to her success and the key to her ability to thrive long-term as a homeschooler. The homeschooling journey is a challenging one.  Hana recognizes the challenges and has honed her skills to manage the ups and downs with grace and creativity. She began homeschooling with two purposes in mind: nurture the children in a religious environment and tailor the Waldorf educational philosophy to suit her family’s needs. In so doing, she has inspired families worldwide with her Waldorf inspired homeschool which has been modified to include religious and cultural stories to enrich the learning experience.H

Candice Kelly

Switched her kids from traditional school system to homeschool

Candice Kelly is a homeschooling mom to three boys, and for the last few years she's been sharing her family's homeschooling journey on her YouTube channel, Homeschool on the Hill. She loves to talk about the many facets of home education by sharing her own personal experiences and hopes that others will feel encouraged and empowered after watching her videos. Over the last several years Candice has been savoring the moments with her rapidly-growing boys. With one that's already graduated and two more to go, her top priority is to enjoy the journey while helping others to do the same.

Tanya Faisal

Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher turned secular eclectic homeschool mom

Dr. Tanya Faisal is a former doctor-lawyer turned secular homeschooling mom of 3 delicious hooligans, ages (almost) 11, 8, and 6. Homeschooling, which began as a one-year experiment 4 years ago, has morphed into the best thing that ever happened to her family. She shares their homeschooling journey at Project Happy Home on both YouTube and Instagram, where you can find oodles of information about secular eclectic homeschooling, ADHD & 2e parenting, and practicing an essentialist lifestyle.

Sayeda Khan

Project based homeschooler and teaching her children entrepreneurship from early age

Sayeda is a homeschooling parent and Co-Founder of Homeschool Panda, an educational app utilized in 113 countries. She is knowledgeable in various types of teaching styles used by homeschoolers across the world. Sayeda has a passion for developing innovative educational solutions that cater to parents and educators from every facet of life, regardless of their faith, background, education and financial status. Her background in I.T. allows her to employ a perfect blend of her homeschooling experience and technology skill-sets in supporting the global homeschooling community.

Tricia Brookover

Military homeschooling mom of over 12+ years

Tricia Brookover is a 40-something mom to three kiddos and a military wife. Though they are currently living in North Carolina, their military life has included homeschooling in six states over the last decade. After years of insecurity in the way she lives and homeschools, Tricia is finally embracing this life of hers. She has a special interest in empowering moms to continue homeschooling through the teen years. On her blog and on her YouTube channel, she has one mission—empower moms to create a homeschool life uniquely their own.

Lindsay Rincon

Homeschooling mom to preschooler and elementary

Lindsay Rincon is a homeschool mom of two fun and crazy kids, and a wife to her best friend. Motivated by her own homeschool experience and encouraged by other homeschool moms, Lindsay started her family's homeschool journey back in 2016. She loves caramel macchiatos(iced or hot), good books, sushi, and having dance parties in her living room. She shares homeschool videos on her YouTube channel, Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews.

Michelle McCallum

Teacher turned homeschool mom. Classical and hybrid homeschooler.

Michelle McCallum is a former High School English teacher turned homeschool mom of five children. Currently, their family attends a Hybrid, University Model Homeschool. From dyslexia and chronic illness to autism and learning disabilities, many challenges have transformed their lives and directed their family to homeschooling ten years ago. Michelle regularly shares on Instagram at @acommon_life and has many videos on her YouTube channel:

How does the course work?

Crash Course to Homeschooling is one of a kind, it is self paced, interactive and guided

  • Once you Sign Up for the course, you will gain access to the private Facebook group

  • Course launches August 17th, you will watch the videos and each day we will have a discussion surrounding each module.

  • Saturday, August 29th from 11 AM to 6 PM, each speaker will go live on Facebook and answer your question!

  • Sunday, August 30th from 11 AM to 6 PM EST, panels will go live to discuss topics such as homeschooling early years, high school & dual enrollment, teaching neuroatypical children...

Master the Art of Homeschooling

What's included in the course?

  • 50 + Videos

    Exclusive videos which will help you understand homeschooling from beginning to the end. The topics are carefully curated to maximize your homeschooling experience.

  • Live Q&A Sessions

    You don't just watch videos, we help answer your questions as well. You will have access to each of the course creators in a Q&A session and group session.

  • Get Access to an Exclusive Facebook Community

    You will get access to an exclusive Facebook group the comprises of the online course creators and others learning alongside you. The participants of this exclusive Facebook community are dedicated to raising awareness about homeschooling, debunking myths associated with it, and revolutionizing the modern education system. We like to call the initiative #RevolutionHomeschool.

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